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Gene Marshall Collection

Gene Marshall Collection

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  • Ashton Drake Gene Marshall doll "Butterfly Shadow"by Integrity Toys

    $199.99 $115.00
    How many units?

    Butterfly Shadow Lmtd to 500, Gene Marshall is a special, one time only, Gene Marshall doll made by Integrity Toys exclusivel...

  • Gene convention Stardust 2010,Fringe Festival Ivy Jordan

    $225.00 $185.00
    How many units?

    Fringe Festival Ivy-Gene Convention Exclusive Stardust 2010. Never removed from box. Beautiful Doll. This was one of the 7 do...

  • Gene Marshall dress form "Perfect Proportions" by Ashton Drake

    $35.00 $25.00
    How many units?

    Gene's Dress Form "Perfect Proportions" is great for displaying Gene's Fashions or to use in designing of new dresses. Mint i...

  • Gene Marshall 1997 costume "Sea Spree"

    $39.95 $27.00
    How many ?

    This Gene Marshall outfit "Sea Spree" is a delightful costume designed by Tim Kennedy. It is a crisp nautical number featurin...

  • Gene Marshall Ashton Drake Violet Waters Doll Stand

    $10.00 $5.00
    How many units?

    Violet Waters Doll Stand, Mel Odom Gene Marshall Doll. Made by Ashton Drake. Ashton Drake dolls have been retired for some ti...

  • Gene Marshall costume "Afternoon Off" MIB

    How many ?

    This Gene Marshall fashion from 1996 was designed by Doug James. Retired in June 1998. Fashion is circa 1947. Fashion co...

  • Gene Marshall costume "Ransom In Red"

    How many ?

    Ransom In Red outfit for Gene is a Retailer's Exclusive for Christmas 1998. Designed by Tim Kennedy this is a wonderful dress...

  • Gene Marshall Dressed Doll "Premiere"-First Gene Doll Made 1995-Ashton Drake

    $150.00 $125.00
    How many ?

    Gene doll "Premiere" was one of first three Gene dolls produced in 1995 but was the first doll to be retired. She was retired...

  • Gene Marshall Dressed Doll-1995 "Monaco" NRF Box-Mint

    How many ?

    Monaco Gene is a gorgeous Bride -Circa 1950. She is one of the first three Gene dolls made. Designed by Timothy Alberts. Th...

  • Gene Marshall dressed doll-"Gene In Pin-up"

    $69.95 $45.00
    How many ?

    Gene in Pin-up is from 1996 and was designed by Tim Kennedy. This Poster "Pin-Up" was Gene's gift to the troops, circa 1944....

  • Gene Marshall Fashion Outfit "Poolside" Designed by Vince Nowell

    $34.95 $25.00
    How many ?

    This Ashton Drake Gene Marshall doll costume is from 1999 and designed by Vince Nowell. "Poolside" is a sweetheart-neckline s...

  • Gene Marshall fashion "On The Veranda" 1999 Parkwest Exclusive

    $49.95 $39.00
    How many ?

    This 1999 Parkwest Spring Exclusive fashion "On The Veranda" is a perfect picture of feminine charm and Southern belle sweetn...

  • Gene Marshall Outfit Butterfly Shadow

    $89.99 $65.00
    How many ?

    This outfit is from the Gene Marshal Dressed Doll "Butterfly Shadow".  This outfit was designed by Jason Wu. Integrity Toys ...

  • Gene Marshall "Mandarine Mood" AD Fashion Outfit

    $34.95 $27.00
    How many ?

    Gene Marshall loves to entertain. This special night the entire catering staff along with the guests were in awe of Gene's b...

  • Gene Midnight Gamble Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) :: Gene Marshall Collection

    $99.95 $50.00
    How many units?

    Gene Midnight Gamble Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) :: Gene Marshall Collection 1998. Designed by Doug James Authorized Retailer...

  • Gene Song of Spain Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) :: Gene Marshall Collection

    $99.95 $49.00
    How many units?

    Gene Marshall by Mel Odom "Song of Spain" Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) is THE 1999 ANNUAL EDITION DOLL DESIGNED BY TIM KENNDY:...

  • Gene The Kings Daughter Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) :: Gene Marshall Collection

    $125.00 $69.00
    How many units?

    Gene Marshall doll by Mel Odom " The Kings Daughter" Dressed Doll (Ashton Drake) :: Gene Marshall Collection 1997. THE KINGS ...

  • Gene's Birthday Party Set

    $39.95 $29.00
    How many ?

    Gene's Birthday Party Set was made by Ashton Drake in 1999. This accessory set contains confetti, four party hats four "blow ...

  • Jason Wu / Mel Odom Gene Marshall Madra Studio Wardrobe? Collection Doll Costume...

    $99.00 $69.99
    How many units?

    Gene Marshall-Madra Studio Wardrobe? Collection Doll Costume- Black Calla-LE 250-2008 Black Calla is a dramatic 1930s? evenin...

  • Real Mink Stole for Gene Marshall, Tonner Dolls, Ellowyne, Evangeline and Other ...

    $39.00 $30.00
    How many ?

    This is a Handmade Real Mink Stole for Gene Marshall or other 16" Fashion dolls. This will also fit Ellowyne Wilde and Evange...

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