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Delilah Noir Special Holiday Sale for this Ashton Drake Fashion Doll

delilah noir special saleDelilah Noir special sale . This wonderful  doll is by Ashton Drake and she is a beauty. Delilah is a 16″ tall, vinyl ball jointed doll. She is wigged and her eyes are changeable.

Delilah Noir special doll stats are as follows. Eye size: 10mm-12mm, wig size: 6-7, Exact Head Sz: is 6.5cm, 16″ tall, Shoe Sz: 50-55mm narrow-exact foot is 47mm long- 20mm wide, Bust: 16.5cm, Waist: 12.5cm, Hips: 18.5cm, Should-To-Wrist: 11.5cm, Shoulder-To-Elbow:… Continue reading

Fashion Toni 13″ Effanbee Doll

fashion toniFashion Toni 13″ doll was made by Tonner Effanbee Doll Company in 2007. Effanbee dolls are very collectible dolls.

The Fashion Toni doll was introduced by the American Character Doll Corporation in 1958.  She obtained her  name from the “Toni” home permanent wave kits.  Each doll came with a “Play Wave” styling kit that could be used to curl her hair. In the late 1950’s “Glamour/Fashion” dolls which… Continue reading

Momoko Fashion Doll 1/6 scale-27cm


Momoko fashion doll is a real doll.  She is a 1/6 scale (27 cm, 10.6 inch) Japanese fashion doll, roughly similar in size to Robert Tonner’s Tiny Kitty Collier.

momoko fashion dollMomoko fashion doll is available at Stella’s. We have several dolls to choose from.  Fans Voted 2012, Pinky Leopard, So Cute Marine and others. She is such a sweet girl and she has very cute fashions. They are simply elegant and in… Continue reading


wilde imagination parnillaWilde Imagination Parnilla Ghastly is a strikingly beautiful girl with strong features and a fabulous fashion sense, straight from Paris, France.

Wilde Imagination Parnilla is Evangeline’s long lost cousin from Paris, France. Parnilla and her family moved to Paris when she was 6 years old While Parnilla was growing up in Paris, she attended a trade school learning the art of clothes making. When she turned 15 her parents disappeared and she… Continue reading


Vogue Ginny Doll SALE continues through December 2013.

Vogue Ginny DollThen Vogue Ginny Doll sale has some wonderful specials for the Holidays. Dressed dolls, basic dolls, clothing and accessories are all on sale. Vogue Jill dolls are also on sale. This new Vogue Jill is a reproduction of the 1950′s Jill. Doll and clothing look exactly like the vintage doll. If you have not purchased her yet you are missing one of the best new… Continue reading

Gene Marshall Convention dolls are at Stella’s Treasures

Gene Marshall Convention dollsGene Marshall Convention dolls, special and limited dolls are available at Stella’s. I have loved Gene since the very first doll was released in 1995. I immediately purchased the first three dolls. Later I became a dealer of Gene and had many wonderful Gene dolls not only in my own collection but in my shop as well.

I have loved collecting Gene Marshall Convention dolls.  They have… Continue reading

Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly are the Coolest dolls

ellowyne wilde and evangeline ghastlyEllowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly dolls are some of the most incredible collectible dolls on the market today.

Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly are made by Wilde Imagination. Headquartered in NY. They started making Ellowyne in 2006. Wilde Imagination develops and markets  dolls and collectibles.  Ellowyne Wilde & Evangeline Ghastly are just two of the dolls the company makes.  Both dolls have lovely,… Continue reading

Betsy McCall is a darling doll that has been made since 1952

Betsy McCall actually started as paper dolls in the McCall’s Magazine in 1951. She was a big hit immediately. Soon after, in 1952 Ideal acquired the rights to make a 14? Betsy doll. Then American Character followed with their 8? doll in 1957.  Tonner Dolls, Inc. have been making Betsy since the 1990?s.  Betsy McCall is a favorite at Stella’s.  We love this sweet and adorable doll.  Click below for more information on Betsy dolls.

Continue reading

Happy New Year Barbie Doll 2013 is available at Stella’s

Happy New Year BarbieHappy New Year Barbie Doll 2013 is the 4th doll in Holiday Hostess Collection. Gold Label Collection.

 This New 2013 Happy New Year Barbie doll is dressed in a striking golden metallic dress with a mermaid silhouette. Bright turquoise chiffon trims the sweetheart neckline, peeps from the underskirt, and is fashioned into a soft rosette at the waist. Tall champagne-hued gloves, drop earrings, Happy New Year tiara and two tiny champagne “glasses” are the… Continue reading

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