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it doesn’t matter where you live we are always ready to be your collectible dolls resource and favorite doll shop!

Specializing in collectible dolls from companies like Ashton Drake, Madame Alexander, Vogue Doll Company, Integrity Toys, Tonner Doll Company, Barbie Mattel and other major brands (past and present).


Our collectible dolls range from retired to newly released. We carry the popular contemporary lines from Ashton Drake like Delilah Noir, Elvis Presley, Dianna Effner, So Truly Real Baby Dolls, A number of various dolls as well as limited stock items from the Ashton Drake Gene Marshall Collection.

However, we don’t stop at collectible dolls from Ashton Drake and your other favorites.

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blogCheck Out our NEWS page! Where we will share announcements about sales and other events, stories from Stella as the “collector” and ask our readers to share their experiences and ask questions using our commenting system. You can even get notified of new posts by email if you choose to.

In addition to carrying collectible dolls we carry collectible doll related items like FDQ & Haute Doll Magazines, fine playthings and collectibles. You’ll find Madame Alexander including Jill and 18 inch doll clothes, selected ball jointed dolls, Tonner Betsy McCall and Senson Ruby dolls. You will find collectible dolls made form paper (paper dolls) and some of our older Tonner Fashion dolls. If you are looking for older NRFB Ashton Drake Gene Marshall dolls, Integrity Toys, Jason Wu Gene Marshall dolls and don’t find them on our site please don’t hesitate to contact us …. we may have your favorite collectible dolls not yet listed!

Check our our Vogue Ginny, Fashion Royalty and other collectible dolls, Stella’s Treasures aims to please! From fashion dolls to baby dolls. including Barbie ®, Ashton Drake, Jason Wu, Randall Craig, Adora Original dolls. Many of the items on this site I will only have ONE of so shop fast and shop often! Since I am still working to load some of my older stock on the site, don’t hesitate to contact me about older Tonner and other modern collectible dolls that you are seeking.

Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys are proud to announce The Brides of Dracula, the first issue in our new Couture Fantasy™ line partnership. Couture Fantasy blends high fashion with imaginative story lines. For The Brides of Dracula this means re-imagining the beautiful, sultry, and dangerous vampire brides in stunning outfits made of rich, sumptuous fabrics. Every detail is impeccably tailored from the silk and lace of The Contessa’s ball gown to the to the sleeves of Mina’s jacket, which were cut with a laser to ensure precision. These first ever releases in the Couture Fantasy collection exhibit the exquisite fashion, superior attention to detail and innovative engineering that will serve as the hallmarks of this line for years to come.

We will be introducing new lines as well as carrying some long time favorites!
  • Haute Doll Magazine
  • FDQ Magazine
  • Doll Reader
  • Dianna Effner from Ashton Drake
  • Joe Tai
  • Jason Wu/Mel Odom’s Gene
  • Ginny
  • Barbie
  • Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls
  • and more coming soon!

About Us

TED-&-STELLAStella Plummer is the owner of Stella’s Treasures. Becoming a doll shop proprietor was just a natural progression as a second generation doll lover in her family. From the time she was young Stella and her mother shared their love of dolls, which led to her interest in antique dolls. Her passion for these childhood treasures and her desire to preserve them inspired her to become a doll restoration artist. Of course her time restoring dolls has taught her a great deal about the secondary market and Stella is always happy to share her knowledge. She says these days it is a treat to have so many beautiful NEW dolls for collectors as well as children. With personal customer service her number one priority Stella will gladly answer your questions or take your special orders. (Stella with her husband Ted shown in picture left)

Stella’s Treasures… a cozy place tucked away on the web where time stands still for just a moment while we share a memory, a hint of childhood still within us all
Featuring: Vogue Ginny, Randall Craig RTW, Barbie and more!
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